Wall (on Rails) 2024
Microblog powered by Ruby on Rails, as another iteration of Wall. Allows user registration, content management, and discovery. [Under Development].
Radio 2023
Personal directory of audio files from voice memos to singing. Site inspired by designs of independent radios. [Under Development].
Spotlist Analysis 2022
Expansion on Spotlist that offers insights into user created playlists, such as genre, history, and audio features. Built with Next.js.
Wall (2022) 2019-2022
Type-foundry-esque platform for logging daily thoughts, monthly playlists, inspirational quotes, and spontaneous audio. Powered by AWS Amplify.
Media's Role in American Public Opinion of China 2022
Final project for PLSC 247: Media and Democracy, Fall 2022 Yale College. Research on how coverage of several key issues about China led US public opinion.
Remember 2022
Things that we should remember even as we get older. Hope it'll provide courage to fight another day.
Electoral System in the P.R.C. 2022
Project for PLSC 358: Comparative Political Parties and Electoral Systems, Fall 2022 Yale College. Overview of how the electoral system in the P.R.C. is supposed to work, at least on paper.
Chinese Idioms 2022
Presenting some of my favorite Chinese idioms with infinite scroll, SVG stretch animation, and a dictionary.
Spotlist 2020-2021
Retrieve information about any Spotify playlist because Spotify makes it really hard to copy song names and I cannot type Korean. Built with React and Spotify API.
Planned Universe 2020
Blog for collecting floor plans. Built with Gatsby.
In My Defense 2019
An ode to old age. Interactive poetry project of a bunch of song lyrics pieced together.
10 Albums of 2010s 2019
Showcase of book-binding project for ART 006: Art of the Printed Word, Fall 2019 Yale College. Brought online using the API.
Breathe 2019
Minimalist new page extension that reminds you to breathe.
The Politic Hopefuls 2019
Minisite for the Yale Politic's special coverage of some 2020 election candidates.
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